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About Us


Jogja Patriae Academy was first started as a pure homeschool which took place at the house of Jimmy Piter Kalauserang and Widajanti Dwi Adi in 2005. The school began from a humble multi-functioned room, which functioned as a bedroom by night and converted into a study room by day. Now, JPA is located at Ring Road Utara No.5a. JPA is mainly established to respond to God’s commandment in Deuteronomy 6: 4-7, that parents are privileged with the responsibility of teaching their own children. Curriculum, school (or community), teaching-learning methods and facilities, are only tools assisting parents to play their most important role in educating their loved ones, especially in building the character of their children. This is the spirit of Jogja Patriae Academy in fulfilling its vision: transforming the nation through classical education. (JPK)

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About Us

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Online/Offline Classrooms

We have online and offline class for every student.

Personal Mentor Support

We have teachers and mentors for all students.

Book & Library

We have book and library that can be accessed by student.


We have many school certifications.

Our Teachers

Meet Our Expert Teachers

Lets we meet our teacher and mentor who has good personality, characters and attitude.


Widajanti Dwi Adi, Sip

Grammar and Phonics


Mathematic & Art (Kindergarten)

Aryaningtyas Prihastuti, SPd.


Yohana Kristiarini, Spd.

Indonesia Language & PPKN

Happy Student

What People Say About Us

"Jogja Patriae Academy has taught me to be a better person and leader by planting character (building), pushing me to have a stronger relationship with God, and making me a competent individual. In JPA, I learned to support others living a life of integrity, an being an openminded person. Aside from that, JPA has given me many benefits in Grammar and World History."


Eunice Pauline

Indonesian Institute Of Arts

"Jogja Patriae Academy helped me in my communication skills and social interactions with my fellow students, helping me understand the value of having the good company of my friends while studying with a good standard of education. It also helped me to be mature as both a person and a child of God because it allowed me to study while being exposed to real-life Christian values. Even though, I was only there for about a year and a half, JPA still continues to remain a great example of what a Christian school/academy should look like."


Oh Si On

Budapest University Of Technology and Economy

"JPA was a great place to make friends, and allowed me to see my strengths in many different subjects. The curriculum used was one that really forced me to work hard and I am grateful for it."


Caleb Shipman

Mississippi College USA

Jogjapatriae Academy

2 Timothy 3:16

“All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”


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